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    Westford mill WM437 - Glitter Burlap Shopping Bag

    Reference: WM437460
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    • Natural / Gold

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    For shopping addicts, this burlap shopping bag is a revolution in the world of packaging. This accessory is made from hessian , it is an abundant resource in nature and completely biodegradable. Recognized for its robustness, this material constitutes 98% of the article, filled with 2% of metallized fiber . The shape of this article is similar to an ordinary paper bag, it comes with a wide square shape and a comfortable volume. With the details glittering gold criss-crossing the inside of the mesh, this shopping bag replaces gift wrapping for Christmas and birthday parties, with the advantage of being reusable afterwards. This shopping bag is already very beautiful as it is, but a personalized touch on the printing surface will bring out its originality. A cotton fabric covers the handles so that your hand won't hurt while wearing it.

    Reference: WM437
    Manufacture: 98% Laminated Jute 2% Metallized Fiber
    Sleeve length: 55cm
    Dimensions: 42x33x19cm
    Capacity: 21L


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